Welcome to Western Power Distribution..

Western Power Distribution (WPD) is responsible for delivering power to the population of the Midlands & South West of England and South and West Wales. Our job is to manage and develop an electricity network which provides our customers with a consistently secure and reliable electricity supply. Our network covers some of the most diverse and beautiful terrain in the UK, from highly populated urban areas to remote rural areas.

There are many special challenges in maintaining the electricity distribution network in our area. The geography means that we are sometimes subject to some of the most punishing weather conditions in the UK. Whether we are dealing with gale force winds which frequently batter the South West and West Wales coasts, the problems caused by salt corrosion along the coastline, or the fact that Devon, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire's population can double during the holiday season, WPD is committed to providing a reliable electricity supply and constantly strives to improve the service we give our customers.  The Purchasing department plays a central role in delivering this excellent perfomance to our customers.

This website is for the use of WPD's Purchasing department.  Its main purpose is to enable tendering parties to access the neccesary tender documents.  WPD will contact tendering parties with details of how to access the site.

Also found here are WPD Standard Terms & Conditions of purchase, and Terms & Conditions for Minor Works Contractors.

As a utility, WPD follows the EU Procurement Directives.  We use Achilles to search for vendors and to comply with the directives.  Achilles offers the UK Utilities Sector key services including the Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB).  As a third party provider, Achilles represents the whole industry, facilitating the interaction between buyers and suppliers - an approach that has proved highly successful.

The UVDB was establised in 1996 and is now recognised as the standard approach to pre-qualification within the Utilities Sector.  The UVDB registration and pre-qualification system is used by all major UK Utilities to source supplier and contractors.

The UVDB is used by over 80 organisations including Utilities, principle contractors and other purchasing entities.  There are currently over 4,500 suppliers and contractors registered with Achilles.

The address for Achilles is www.Achilles.co.uk .  (This is outside of the WPD website and WPD is not responsible for its contents).

Western Power Distribution's main company website is www.westernpower.co.uk .